Insurance Claims from Water, Fire, Smoke, and Mildew Damage

The artwork in your home or office is often irreplaceable. It can be original work, or out of print, or have specific sentimental value. Fortunately, you don’t have to lose it even if it has been severely damaged.

At Cape Cod Picture Framing & Restoration, we have extensive expertise in restoring all kinds of damage that can be caused by floods, fires and even the passage of time. We can fix rips and tears, remove mildew, and have your artwork looking new again.

We are certified insurance specialists, frequently working with insurance adjusters and able to submit estimates, certified appraisals, and claims on your behalf. We are familiar with the different processes for most major insurance companies. Let us take the work out of restoring your artwork.

Our process typically starts with removing the framing from the art, drying everything out, and when necessary, fumigating with mildecide to prevent further damage. The earlier we can start this treatment, the more effective it will be. Then we will evaluate the cost of replacement framing, repair or treatment to the artwork (oil painting or artwork on paper). We can also provide you with assistance determining the value of artwork, and provide a certified appraisal when needed. We will then provide you with all of the correct paperwork and documentation required by your insurance company and insurance adjuster.