Paper Art Restoration & Conservation

Most of the restoration services for works of art on paper are provided by Ron Lindholm.
We also have associate paper conservators to assist us.
The repair and cleaning of artwork on paper involves a number of different processes

Testing for solubility of inks and watercolor.
(To determine if washing is a possibility.)

Surface cleaning.
(Removal of dirt from the surface of paper artwork, front, and back.

(This process is to remove metals and unwanted materials from the paper.)

Light Bleaching.
(The use of sunlight or lamps to lighten the paper.)

Chemical bleaching.
(Chemicals may be added to the washing to change the alkalinity of the paper and allow discoloration to be rinsed away.)

Neutralizing acidity.
(The acidity of the paper can be changed to a neutral level in order to delay further discoloration of the artifact.)

( Art-Rescue © system for treating mold, mildew and smoke odors.)

Repair of tears.
(Repair and replacement of missing paper.)

Inpainting repairs.
(To match original paper and image.)

Documentation and photographing artwork.
(It is important to keep a documented record of all work that is done, and keep it with the piece.)

Proper framing.
(Artwork should be professionally framed using archival materials and methods.)